Preserving Aransas County's Natural Treasures for Our Future Generations

Aransas Woods History

Aransas First owns 13 acres of Aransas Woods, and has a management agreement with the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) to maintain the balance of the property (107 acres) and create public access to natural habitat. TxDOT acquired its part of the property as mitigation for wetlands destroyed in the construction of highways.

This location is a fresh water marsh surrounded by oak mottes and native grasses.  Aransas Woods features a windmill, pond, walking trails, and an observation deck.


What you’ll see…

This site is home to Texas Coastal Birding Trail Site #47.
Worked with FEMA and TDEM to replace the windmill and clear the miles of trails after the devastation from Hurricane Harvey.

During “fallouts” coastal mottes such as Aransas Woods offer food and protection to thousands upon thousands of weary landbirds who might otherwise perish if forced to continue inland to the nearest contiguous forests. The site’s observation platform overlooks a complex of grassland, oak motte, and shallow wetlands, making this site attractive to birds and other wildlife year-round.