Donations from Shelly Schubert-Steckler & Norma Marini

Preserving Aransas County's Natural Treasures for Our Future Generations

Donations from Shelly Schubert-Steckler & Norma Marini

As local Rockport real estate professionals we can see much rapid growth and development on the Live Oak Peninsula we call home. We believe it is imperative now more than ever to contribute to Aransas First Land Trust to help preserve the natural habitat on our precious Peninsula.

There is much emphasis on the bays and estuaries which are indeed worthy of our time and attention, but less emphasis on the conservation of inlands/uplands which can be used for the dual purpose of stormwater detention and preservation of wildlife habitat. It is for this very reason that Aransas First Land Trust is focusing on the acquisition of targeted, low-lying upland properties in Aransas County to help sustain the overall ecosystem of the Live Oak Peninsula.

Conserving inland/upland properties serves to ensure that stormwater will have time to be absorbed into the soil and utilized by the natural vegetation and trees.

Conserving, restoring, and educating others about the natural ecosystem that defines the Live Oak peninsula is the mission of Aransas First. This delicate ecosystem is the driving force for much of the ecotourism in our region and a large contributing factor to why we call it home. For these reasons, it is important that as a community we come together to help raise funds for this critical mission.

To support this mission I, Shelly Schubert-Steckler, am donating $3,000 and my co-worker Norma Marini who is an avid supporter of Aransas First Land Trust is donating $2,000. Since November Aransas First Land Trust has raised approximately $50,000 toward our goal of $1 million. This is an astounding amount, but far from our goal of $1 million. For the love of the Live Oak Peninsula, please donate today to help us preserve our way of life and the reason why we live here.

There are many ways you can help. Become a community advocate, donate money or land, put on a community fundraiser, or have a small meet and greet at your house with neighbors and friends. Together we believe we can make great things happen.

Please consider joining me in supporting Aransas First.

Yours Truly,

Shelly Schubert-Steckler & Norma Marini

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